IL Cannabis Application Services

We know that putting together and IL cannabis application takes more work, expertise, and money than most people have. We’ve taken our combined decades of cannabis industry, application and grant writing, and business strategy experience and worked with clients throughout the Illinos cannabis industry. We have consulted, written dispensary applications, created a responsible vendor training curriculum and translated another one to a digital format. We’ve built countless cannabis-related websites and provide the best white label cannabis content creation service in the industry. Right now, our focus is on helping people follow their dream of applying for an IL cannabis license. We have created a few different tools to help you in your endeavor.

Guided Application – Our guided application is a low-cost tool designed to make sure you hit all the necessary points in your application. This document contains the full application with descriptions, compiled relevant statutes and resources from governing bodies, and detailed instructions for how to write the application yourself. This option is great for those with experience with grantwriting or technical writing.

Application Template – The application template takes the guesswork out of compliance. With prewritten sections everywhere possible and detailed instructions for how to fill in the sections that need to be custom, this option is best for those who need to save some time and are fairly comfortable with the application process.

Application + Consultation – If you need a little more attention, we offer business planning, supplier sourcing, application planning, application editing, application writing, web design, event planning, and social media marketing.

What type of application are you applying for?

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